Easy steps to build an amazing responsive website

  • Building Responsive website

    In years gone by the path from a business idea to a fully-fledged Internet website could be long and expensive. Those days have certainly changed with the introduction of services such as the Easysitebuilder. This service allows you to build a responsive website step-by-step, as we hold you by the hand, leaving you to focus on your business, your products and how to get that elusive first sale.

    We find it best to slice and dice the process of building a website into small manageable parts. As you complete each part, tick the box, pat yourself on the back and move onto the next one.

    Research, research, research

    Before you begin to build websites, choosing the most responsive template and embarking on a SEO campaign, research, research and research again. There is a common misconception that if your idea for a website already exists then you’re wasting your time. In a perfect world, your idea would be unique, not yet exist and set you on the road to riches. In reality, there are so many people looking for that elusive unique business idea, that eye-catching website and that money tree, that unique ideas can be difficult.
    Even if you find a similar site or a similar service to your idea this is not the end of the world. Research, research and research again so you know your business idea and your business plan back to front. Tweak, improve and enhance what is already on the Internet. If your idea is already out there, then it stands to reason it is not being marketed correctly or is just not delivering on promises. You can do better!

    Make your Responsive website visually appealing

    The key to creating an appealing website is to be flexible in your thoughts and adaptable in your actions. It is highly likely that from the first thought about your website you had a look in mind, colors, text and the intricacies of the design. However, what you think sells on the Internet may not appeal to other people.
    Search for different websites in your field, look at the array of designs online today and begin to pull the better elements from each responsive template. Some leading website builders have over 200 different templates to choose from, and remember, these designs can be tweaked, enhanced, colors changed and moved around. You may find some which perfectly fit with your ideas while others may form the foundations for a great design. Here are 7 steps to consider when creating your responsive website.

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