Smart Mouse Jiggler

With the Smart Mouse Jiggler you will NEVER EVER have to worry about your computer going into hibernate, sleep mode, or the screen saver starting when you don’t want it to!

Annoyed showing up as inactive when working from home because you stepped away to the restroom?
Sick of having to retype your password to get back into your system?
Hate giving a presentation and your computer goes into sleep mode?
How about when you are reading something and because you haven’t moved your mouse, your computer starts the screen saver?

If you’ve encountered any of the above or other similar scenarios, then you need the Smart Mouse Jiggler! Let it be your new favorite application today!
mouse jiggler
Smart Mouse Jiggler simulates the movement of your mouse and saves you the hassle of having to ever jiggle your mouse again to stay logged in!

  • There’s no bells and whistles with the Smart Mouse Jiggler. It does just one job and does it well and that’s keeping your computer from hibernating, going into sleep mode, or getting logged off!
mouse joggler download

  • We guarantee Smart Mouse Jiggler will work as advertised or your money back, no questions asked

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