What Are The Eight Components Of Financial Planning?

What Are The Eight Components Of Financial Planning?

Everything we do, every activity we undertake, every decision we make, is backed by some reasoning and proper financial planning. Which college are you going to choose, which career are you looking to adopt? Which city are you going to settle in, how are you going to choose your life partner, you plan for each and everything.what about the tools of personal finance.


Out of all these decisions you make and planning you do, your financial planning can be easily ranked as one of the most important factors in your life. If you want to go to college, you need finance. If you are thinking about choosing a profession, you must know what financial benefits can you get from choosing that particular field. How much will you earn with this, how much can you save, how much can you spend, what kind of lifestyle can you get from this profession. Each and every aspect of your life and decisions are somehow linked with your personal finances.

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